The following articles will give an insight into our film and will give a behind the scenes look at what we are doing.


DON'T look at what you do not have, look at what you have!

As we continue to embark upon seeing the dream of making this film become a reality and the challenges that come with that, there are moments of real excitement and celebration.

We have now taken delivery of our audio equipment beautifully provided by the Lord. From the very beginning of this project we aimed high. Some people have said why don't you purchase a cheaper camera, cheaper kit, so that you can get on with it? Our decision to make this the very best that we can is not just so that the impact of the film would be greater, which it would do, but also because the Lord deserves our best. In all that we do, we should offer Him our best, to do it is if we are doing it for the Lord Himself...which we are!

Recently the Lord challenged us to not look to what we do not have but give thanks for what he has already given. We have a heart of thankfulness and have given thanks daily for all the Lord has given to us so far for this project.

When Jesus was about to feed the 5,000, He knew what He was going to do, but tested Philip by asking, "where are we going to buy bread for all these guests?" John 6, v 5 - 11. Philip replied, "eight months wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite". Andrew then came with the 5 loaves and 2 small fish. Here is the punchline of this story for us right now, Jesus took the 5 loaves and 2 small fish, GAVE THANKS, and distributed to all those seated as much as they wanted. It was after looking at what they had and giving thanks for it, that the supernatural power of God was released. 

We still have a lot of kit to purchase and looking with earthly eyes could lead us to be disheartened, as we are looking at a further £30,000 worth of equipment. So this morning Ruth and I opened the box full of audio equipment and joyfully took out everything. We then spent time and "gave thanks", with truly thankful hearts that God is on the move and making a way. Some people have also said, why are you buying and not renting? Well we actually have rented a little to get the footage that we currently have, but with the amount of filming that we have to do over the next 10 months it is actually far more cost effective to purchase. This also means that we will be able to create more films once this project is complete.

Today, why don't you look at all that you DO have and not at what you DON'T have, and give thanks to God for it. Not giving thanks in order to receive something, but giving thanks because you are actually thankful. 


Lakestone Guitars have been creating stunning hand crafted guitars since 2015 with a further 25 years experience beyond that. It is our joy and privilege to feature them in our film, to show how the creativity and craftsmanship that they possess is straight from the heart of God. They call themselves, God’s Luthier’s. A Luthier is a maker of stringed instruments, and these guys create their instruments as if they were creating for God Himself. The immaculate details, and precision wood work mean that these guitars are amongst the best in the world. Lakestone have now provided Rueben Morgan, from Hillsong Church, with his dream guitar. Reuben says, "Not long ago these guys reached out to me whilst I was in London. They are guitar makers - Master Craftsmen.When I met up with them, they brought some of the finest guitars I've ever played and asked me if they could make me my dream guitar. Crazy!!!

Truth is - I didn't even know what my dream guitar was, and felt reluctant to accept - though I became convinced they weren't going to take no for an answer. Fast forward a few months, lots of conversations with @droff and others, and we came up with the guitar I'm holding in my hands. I love the guys at #lakestoneguitars ... this is like a promise in waiting ... thank God for faithful people who are devoted to their craft. For them, worship is to make musical instruments for the glory of God. How inspirational is that?"                                         Reuben Morgan


One spear films on ucb 1

On Wednesday the 4th May, we had the privilege and honour of having interviews on UCB 1 and 2. If you are interested, please have a listen, you might find it insightful.To the right is our interview with Paul Hammond on UCB 1 who was great. We had so much fun. 

One spear films on ucb 2

On Wednesday the 4th May, we had the privilege and honour of having interviews on UCB 1 and 2. If you are interested, please have a listen, you might find it insightful. To the right is our interview with Ruth O'Reilly on UCB 2 who was great. We had so much fun. 


Hard work, dedication and saving lives

Around the age of 9 years old, Alistair Rogers had a dream to become a doctor. This dream went through many different phases of testing before it became a reality. Alistair is now a Consultant Urologist and has performed countless procedures, from kidney transplants, laparoscopic ops and all sorts of life saving surgeries. What we love about this dream, is that it requires an amazing level of dedication and hard work. To become a doctor you must know what you are doing, you must have the knowledge required to save someone's life and make decisions that are literally life and death. It is not a case of waiting until God opens a door. No amount of praying and asking God to turn you into a doctor is going to make you a doctor. This is a dream that requires a partnering with God at a very practical level. It is actually amazing to think that God knows we are capable and He has put within us the gifts and abilities to journey towards a goal that is, in these cases, dependant on our hard work. Not all dreams fit into this category and as the story of Joseph in the Old Testament shows, some dreams can be fulfilled even when we seem the furthest away, where no amount of hard work will enable it to come to pass.

Some dreams require our character to be worked on before they are fulfilled, where other dreams require hard work, dedication, craftsmanship and a mastering of one's skills and gifts. We are thankful that our doctors, lawyers, dentists and architects have worked hard at their craft, it gives us confidence in what they do and to be on the receiving end of their service. God wants to heal through the body of Christ, there is no doubting that, but I also know that God wants to heal through doctors. It is not a second class healing by any means. Far from it. Alistair Rogers will no doubt give glory to God for what he does and we can't wait to tell his story and unpack his journey in our film. 

Amazing Favour

When we first set out on this adventure of making this film we knew that their was one person who we really wanted, who would be able to speak into the subject of pursuing dreams potentially like no other. Reinhard Bonnke has been a hero of ours for many years. 17 years ago I read a book called, "A Passion for the Gospel", written by Colin Whittaker. It was a book all about the life and story of Reinhard Bonnke, a man that up to that point I had never heard of. Through reading this book my heart was set on fire and I fell in love with Jesus even more. We sent Reinhard a video message from Ruth and I inviting Reinhard to be in our film, and our expectancy was that we would hear back from him in a couple of weeks. We knew that Reinhard Bonnke would be a very busy man. To our total shock, we received an email the following day with a message from Reinhard saying, "Matt and Ruth's video message really touched my heart and I would love to help them however I can." We were so thrilled and amazed that Reinhard Bonnke would reply so quickly. We really felt the favour of God on us and this project. We knew from that moment on that the Lord would provide everyone else that we wanted for our film. And guess what? He did!


Heidi Baker's impact on this film

During the sumer of 2016 Heidi Baker spoke at the Iranian Christian Fellowship in Chiswick, London. We were privileged to receive an invitation due to our connections with the Iranian Church. At the end of the meeting Heidi Baker formed a tunnel to pray for everyone present. After a long time Heidi came over to us with WIll Hart, and within 5 seconds of standing in front of us, Will Hart looked at me and said, "I see media all over you, I see media, I see film and I see you standing in front of the camera and behind the camera". At this point Heidi said, "Make the film, tell the stories, tell the stories". This word encouraged us that God is all over this film, and He used Heidi Baker and Will Hart to confirm this to us once again. I love how God uses people that we have never met before to confirm His word. It was then a few months later that we approached Heidi to be in our film. She said yes! We love how God speaks and confirms His plans and purposes for our lives.



Some people have been intrigued by the camera system that we are going to shoot The Pursuit of Dreams with. Well, for those of you who are interested, we are shooting this film on The Red Epic Dragon. The Red Epic Dragon has a 6K sensor and has been used to film movies like The Martian, Gone Girl and the new Tarzan. This camera captures beautiful images and at resolutions such as 5K and 6K. Although the film will never be seen at these resolutions it will be edited and mastered in 4K. 4K is the industry standard for cinema release and is creeping up in the consumer market. Our heart is to create a truly cinematic experience and this camera is a tool that will help us do it. There are more expensive cameras out there and a lot bigger cameras too. But it is the size, quality and affordabilty that make this camera a great choice for us. There are times when stripping the camera down to its bare minimum will help us maintain a more incognito approach, and there will be times when we build it up with all guns blazing. If you are interested in this side of the production then let us know and we will take extra attention to making sure we can all be geeks together!